"Goddess Enlightenment"

by Amanda Carlson


Blending the mystical wisdom of Ancient India with contemporary, poetic insights, this lyrical audio book offers an adventure into one thousand facets of the Divine Feminine: Siva’s Shakti - in all of Her power, splendor, grace and unconditional love.

This Sahasranam, (1000 Names), represents the narrative embodiment of the Divine Mother. Listening to the energetic shower of Her energy bestows infinite blessings, including those of an excellent life partner.

Goddess Enlightenment was written in spontaneous bursts of inspiration over six months, always at midnight. Composed in English, 38 minutes in length, it is orchestrated to a fusion of Eastern/Western music.

- - - -

**To Read the written text of the 1008 Names of Goddess Parvati, please visit: