- What Is Intuition? -

Intuition is our "sixth sense."  In addition to seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling, we are born with an ability that and is "connected" at a quantum level with everything else. This connectivity gives us an inner "knowing" that can help us to live life to its fullest.      


Ageless Light

Just as fire is readily available by applying friction, whether we're camping in the Outback, enjoying the fireplace at home on a winter night, or striking a match to light candles at a wedding, Intuition remains hidden but is always readily available for use.


Directional Current

As a river wends its way through thousands of miles of wilderness nurturing everything in its path, so Intuition runs silently through the stratums of our psyche, nurturing our inner life, and leading to its Source.  


Vast Expanse

Gazing into the night sky, floating on our spinning planet through space, orbiting stars and the galactic center, it's easy for mind to question our significance.   Intuition, however, is just at-home with the grand scale of skies and galaxies as our body is at-home with the earth.