Amanda Carlson

Joe Myers (

Joe Myers (

Joe Myers is a 40-year veteran of the music business, and a virtuoso on acoustic and electric guitars (six string, twelve string & harp guitar). 

Cinemagine: Music/Production & Engineering


StoryzPub offers original writings by Raleigh, North Carolina author Amanda Carlson, set to original music. Meant primarily for shared listening, these pieces aim to offer a relaxing journey into the vivid world of imagination. 

"Cinemagine" - "Cinema of the Imagination" - is a collection of short stories set to lush, immersive music great for shared listening at bedtime or sleepovers, family road trips, daycare down-time, camp activities and more.  

"Goddess Enlightenment - Parvati Sahasranam Stotram: 1008 Names of the Goddess" is an original hymn of praise, composed in English, to the Divine Feminine.  Exploring Her innumerable facets, bask in Her gentle, luminous energy.

StoryzPub is operated under Parley Entertainment, Inc., a Raleigh, North Carolina entertainment company specializing in results-driven, social gamification.